Poplock Samba, Bognor Gala 2/14 Sunday June 2014

For Bognor259 dot com in Bognor Regis Gala on 15th June 2014. Poplock Pirate and Parrot meet some Samba dancers. No parrots were hurt in the production of this video.

Lindsey, Neil & Poplock Dancing At The Prom In Bognor Regis Gala

Entertainment by DJ’s Ni and Shaun with dancers Lindsey, Neil and Poplock. 1st of 14 videos in a series about Bognor Dance Music Events. Bognor Regis Gala on Sunday 15th June 2014.

Kung Fu Fighting Dance By Poplock GM

2 step erock with a little bit of MA thrown in, literally. This is video H17 in the year 2014, the 8th in this years web dance series.
Kung Fu Dancing by Poplock. Hotham Park in Bognor Regis.

Sol And Poplock Dancing In The Park

Putting the fun in funky street dancing. Hotham Park in Bognor Regis. Bopping and Popping by Sol and Poplock.

Sol & Poplock Bopping 2014

Sol joins Poplock in dancing in Hotham Park, Bognor. May 2014. a little bit of bopping and poppin goes a long way.

Baisc Poppin In Fresno, Step Lock And High Tuttin Angles

This is the basis of our dance poppin wise in 2014 and is where we start most new members. We do have other styles such as pointing, waves and rock, but this is some of the basics before we add some of the more harder styles by Poplock. Some basic tutorial in Fresno, Step-lock and high tuttin angles.
Baisc Poppin In Fresno, Step Lock And High Tuttin Angles

Soul Pop Routine by Poplock Dancer 2014

Video work inspired by Soul dancing. Soul Pop routine created by Poplock. First demo on 2nd May 2014.

Poplock Boogaloo Dance Write Demo 2014

Part of the Dance Write 2014 series, solo by Poplock Paul. Poplock Boogaloo Demo using Pointy, Old man and Caprock. Filmed this using a HD cam and edited with Power Director 12 Ultra.

Animal Martin Garrix Dance Choreography By Poplock Paul In Top Place In Bognor259

1. Animal Martin Garrix Dance Choreography Poplock Full – 22 viewers
2. Bognor Regis Clubb Lush Xmas 2013 Poplock With Kate And Tom’s Birthday Dance – 19 viewers
3. Street Dance Tut Practise 2 Poplock Sep 2009 – 11 viewers
4. Kill chill Snow Dance By Poplock In Bognor Regis 2010 – 11 viewers
5. Audiodroid Music And Poplock Summer Dance 2010 – 10 viewers
6. Poplock dances at Rox EME in 2010 – 9 viewers – 9 viewers
7. Poplock Basic Music Dance Routine September 2009 – 9 viewers
8. Halloween Thriller Poplock Dance 2010 In Bognor259 – 8 viewers
9. Masked Street Dancer Of Hotham Park With Poplock GM – 7 viewers
10. Bognor Regis 2013 Gala Illuminations Poplock Version – 7 viewers
All videos are placed by views on youtube and the number of views, although number 1 dance video has only been in a week it has made such an impact it has shot straight into number 1.
1. Animal Martin Garrix Dance Video
Animal by Martin Garrix Full Dance Scene by Poplock, Tom and Katiiee doing the Fresno and Pointy dance. Poplock action dance movers and Drill.
The Animal Martin Garrix Dance shot to number one in less than a week, with 2 new dancers it has overtaken other good dance videos.
2. Bognor Regis Clubb Lush Xmas 2013 Poplock With Kate And Tom’s Birthday Dance Video
Clubb Lush Xmas 2013 celebration. Poplock joins up with Tom and Kate, not to mention the rest of the bunch as it is Tom’s birthday. Dancing the night away in Clubb Lush in Sudley Road.
On the spot CCTV videos of a playful night out in Bognor Regis Night Clubb Lush. Some moments of fun, dance and such merry making the night does at time slips into a weird but nice vibe. Again two stars are Tom and Katiiee.
3. Street Dance Tut Practise 2 Poplock
Poplock practice of tutting and angles. 2nd demo of new moves to see how it blends in with current style. 2009 routine.
This footage has been released again due to popular request and at some point a remake version will be done not just of this video but all others I have performed over the past year.
Results from youtube are over Last 30 days (18 Dec 2013 – 16 Jan 2014)

Poplock’s EME Dance Video Blast From The Past In Bognor Regis Part 2

We decided to follow up a recent post about street dancing in Bognor Regis. In this second post we look at some more of HDM and EME musical dance videos. There is Music and Dance in Bognor Regis.
Poplock Longstyle Dance Mobile Test 2010
Longstyle Dance style for Poplock for Mobile video test. Longstyle is exaggerated from point and angles. Some tutting was used to turn. Bognor259 linked project.
Poplock Action Practise 2010 Hdm5
Not much has happened lately so doing a practice video to check current moves and combos with a few new ideas. Cob in LA room was only place big enough to move around in and try some stepping actions with the popping and locking. Originally part of the hdm or Horizon Dance Master series by Poplock.
Audiodroid Music And Poplock Summer Dance 2010
Poplock routine to Audiodroid music track. Summer of 2010 dance practice. Longstyle use with reverse choreography in this Bognor259 linked project.
Kill chill Snow Dance By Poplock In Bognor Regis 2010
Kill Chill music track was supplied to areasontomakemusic dot com. Dancing in the snow is no easy thing without snow shoes. Bognor259 project with Poplock GM.
Masked Street Dancer Of Hotham Park With Poplock GM
Some masked dancer in Hotham Park, Bognor Regis joins Poplock for a joint dance act. Reverse Choreography and some freestyle poppin and lockin action. A Bognor259 linked project.
The HDM and EME have played out over 7 years from 2007 to 2013 in front of crowds of people in the Bognor Regis events such as the Gala and the Rox. There have been many venues and shorter projects in between that have kept the teams busy and helped sharpen up their dancing skills, etc. Where they go next will be of interest in 2014. We hope to follow and report any update videos and or events as they unfold.