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Alien Crash Land Warning Shout out - 9th Video for 2018
Shout out to a lovelly bunch of Fan Friends I refer to as the Renegade 5 (Bunch) - Emily, Hannah, Lupe, Cat & Hattie - This video is an opening 'Alien-Crash' series where story board asks 'What if' one of us is an alien, ever had that feeling you don't belong where your living & working ? - Maybe we are all aliens because quite honestly I'm starting to suspect that we don't belong on this planet, consider the missing link and how we are trashing our own planet with little or no regard to the future, I hope you find my videos entertaining as I piece together a possible alternative world...

There will be follow ups, at least 2 or 3 more such video clips, along side a video series 'Reboot' that I'm currently working on too.

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Bognor 259 Dance & Music

Dance videos from Dancers Hip Hop Dani, Afro Empire and Poppin Dan, Iskren_V etc...

Pirate Version Of Mad Dance Practice
session of mad dance practice disrupted several times, sometimes no matter how one tries, getting it together is just not going to happen. In first clip all seems to go well but then people kept dropping in during this dance training session. Still, got some practice and ideas so not an entirely wasted session. One must keep trying and as they say in show business, the show must go on.

Message from Iskren_V - My Favourite Tutter
Freestyle tutting, hope you enjoy this:) If you want to ask something you can ask in comment section and i will answer you.

Let's Dance
Lets Dance by David Bowie, choreography by Poplock Paul. Shoot on location Hotham Park in Bognor Regis. I have used an original work in a fair way so therefore I have not broken any laws. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, etc...

Lem and the White Fire, Afro Empire & Poplock Paul
Sound track is by 'Lem and the White Fire'. Dancers from 'Afro Empire' and Poplock Paul with Sol Suso. Best regards to my fellow artists and here is to rocking in style. Please find other sound tracks at 'Lem and the White Fire' Youtube account and dance videos on YT 'AFRO EMPIRES'

Afro Empire Dance Video & YT channel
I like the dance style and routine of these guys from 'Afro Empire' and found out they are quite acrobatical, the fact they have their own circus act comes as no surprise. I quite like the way they have created quite a few videos, they have a very entertaining way in that they perform.

Introducing the 'Sweet Sound' Single Release.
Written by Lem Parker & Marcus Crowe. Recorded and mixed by: Paul Stanborough. Video Director: ROB WARD Location: Tangmere Airfield, West Sussex & The White Swan, Bosham Musicians you hear on the track: Lem Parker, Adam Wilsher, Rich Carter, Gareth Sidwell, Sean Jackson, Tom Belbin & Paul Stanborough - YT Channel 'Lem and the White Fire'

Message From Poppin Dan
This channel is about dancing... mostly based on the dance Popping I also teach how to do some Popping moves And I am always 100% ready for collaborations.... and this channel is basically meant for you and for me - you because I teach lessons and give you some of my secrets to learning - me because I post dance videos and I get feed back on how you felt about the video & I will respond to all comments... and if you have a channel be sure to tell me so that we can Support each other and help each other grow into bigger YouTubers - WHAT IS POPPING DANCE ? - Popping dance style is a unique type of street dancing that originated in the late 1960's and 70's California, characterized by sudden tensing and releasing of the muscles to the rhythm of beats in music. A popping dancer is commonly referred to as a popper. As one of the earliest funk styles, popping is closely related to hip hop dancing.

International Street Dancers Duo Green Screen Video
Shout out to one of my favourite YouTube dancers Poppin_Dan14. Great video with that something extra, keep it up Dan your doing great. A Green Screen Duo Dance, mimicked the routine and merged the 2 videos together which is not easy. However, I think this is okay but going to need a better gregen screen as the wall I used was hard to Chromo. I quite like it though and hope to do more soon.

Professional Female Hip Hop Dancer Dani Duo With Poplock Paul
Professional Dani a female hip hop dancer duo with Poplock Paul. The never ending dance clones story, an upgraded idea from Sim 2.017 Version. 5th video of 2018, starting to knock these out like a microwave meal...

Gothic Pop Thomas The Tank Engine Dance
We hacked and uploaded this dance video. What has Goths, a random woman, a Poplocker and Thomas the Engine got in common ? Gothis Pop Dance 2018 Version. With Thomas The Tank Track. Woot Woot what a blast as we stitched this master piece together. Please share, like and sub. Thanks very much.

2nd April 2018
With about 19 days to go till the Rox Seaside Event the weather is not looking great but you can still find places to dance like the 'William Hardwick' and the Hoff !!

Spring is still teasing - quote 31st March 2018
Revamped website
Bognor259 has been cleared and rebooted due to a technical issue, we shall be relying on our PHP and satirical wit to keep up with music & dance events in Bognor Regis.

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