Poppin Dan Vlog & Poplock Paul

I have several friends online and locally that I share my passion of dancing with, and today I want to start my 2018 Web Blog with info and introduction of a YouTuber poppin Dan who I have been conversing with via YT and have actually done a green screen or two videos.

Please share the videos, this article is the view of Poplock Paul on the South Coast of UK, thank you and I hope you find this article informative.

I would like to place one of his videos I found of interest here, because we are from I believe different parts of the World and names for styles of street dance, popping and such are sometimes given different names in different parts of the World. There are some confusion but ultimately we are aiming to entertain people and I know some of you will like Poppin Dan’s dance style and video editing, I know I do.

No such thing as dubstep by Poppin Dan…

My view based on events in UK in 2012 about Dubstep which I believe was really Poppin but coined by some media sales people to try and whip up more music sales, I do use the term dubstep when I mix some styles of street dance – back in 84 bodypoppin was used but soon dropped when it was pointed out that poppin is poppin – some changes were attempts to remarket sales of dance music, etc.

I believe that Dubstep was UK’s bid to compete with Hip Hop but, by the time I heard of it about 2012 or shortly before it literally just faded away and the music was hardly different – I know a lot of DJ’s here on the South Coast of UK and none of them rated it, in fact I use the term DUBSTEP rather than BODYPOPPING which leads people to think they are popping when they are doing the wave – seriously I had to correct many dancers here. So Dubstep is really Hip Hop but more for waves-poppin-tuttin and dime stopping (Tension Locking) with maybe robot and other stuff but I half agree with you but I use the term because people like it here, it isn’t anything new as the moves were used in 84 but the idea helps me here locally but I always say it is basically hip hop from the 80’s with my own twist on. It came, it bellowed and then just died but I use the term Dubstep to replace Bodypopping and sometimes Hip Hop, I call it a modern style as it combines most of the old styles but in a new way. In 84 I couldn’t combine the moves but with Dubstep (Modern Hip Hop and old Bodypopping) I can create some combined moves from several styles – That is my definition of Dubstep which was used in 2000 but taken by some of the music corporations in 2002 to sell grime and other music (I believe UK) but I guess this killed it because there was some good ideas and music but once money was involved it took a commercial life and pretty much faded away – hope this helps – I have found a lot of dance moves sometimes has different labels, I don’t know of many people who use the term dubstep here except myself, even the music has vanished. There was some good attempts but some of the beats you could not dance to and about half were awful in my opinion.

…Shout out to Poppin Danby Poplock Paul…

Shout out to one of my favourite YouTube Poppin_Dan14 dancers. Great visual video with that something extra, keep it up Dan your doing great. A Chromo Duo Dance, mimicked the routine and merged the 2 videos together which is not easy. However, I think this is okay but going to need a better green screen as the wall I used was hard to Chromo. I quite like it though and hope to do more soon.


Poppin_Dan14 channel on YouTube video mashed up with Poplock with a generous helping of Sweet Sounds by ‘Lem And The White Fire’. Do not merge your sets as old skool meets new skool and moves to the groove of Sweet Sound. Merging of 2 videos and music yeilded some surprise and actually fits quite well. Poplock has cleared at least 162 dance hours for 2017.

Please note, ‘Lem and the White Fire’ has her own YT channel.

I hope to add something about PopLock, my Poppin style was influenced by the Locking I did back in ’84 and influences my style of dance. Some more notes about Pop & Lock which I wrote and explains my dance style further…

Thanks, I’m going to try and cover all the Hip Hop terms and link to other sources, it was only recently I found that the Lazy Man which I do is called the Wiggly Worm by another group of poppers – it is done slightly different – I think sometimes in the quest to be different that different terms have been used causing confusion but I have noted that there are several people doing YT videos and blogs trying to show the true History and sometimes it is hard to reveal the 2 sources as 1 – My influence was first with Tension locking or Mime-locking and then Popping at a later stage – hence Poplock – because my influence mixes both in a combo (they are distinct styles) and it is hard sometimes to classify a move being either Popping and Locking although I have several differences that make a clear distinction in most cases but sometimes some techniques or moves are not so clear, I use the term POPLOCK mostly because I do a chest pop followed by arm locks – Sometimes I Pop but with elongated pause for effect for the camera or pose, one definition is a Pop is a short instant ‘Hit’ and a Lock is a longer hit – some say pop is one muscle and lock is 2 or more muscles and then even style – sometimes with those conditions I find I seem to be in the middle – I am influenced by both great dance styles and hopefully this year I’ll be working on my foundation and the reasoning of pop and lock – we need to keep the history alive, all these different things are great because we are all pioneers but I for one will try to remain open to other views, I learn something every week when I read so thank you for your view – I’m in the Southern UK so my influence will be different from many, knowing the history and credit to all those who danced before me has been very…. hard but rewarding – keep up the good work because your building a great presence with your dancing – many people for miles around know me, in that I know I have a lot to do to keep the dream of dance alive 🙂

Please share the videos, this article is the view of Poplock Paul on the South Coast of UK, thank you and I hope you find this article informative.

Dance Video 259 Update 131.2 Hours 2017

Latest update from Poplock on a quest to finding new moves and funky grooves, you can find the latest in this dance video.

My latest Web Video Dance Update 131.2 hour 2017 !!

Created on the 12th August 2017 this dance video is the current progress of Poplock Paul at this time.

Extra attention to creating pop & lock move combo’s which takes a bit of practice to get right on time and keep a certain style that we want to keep within the dance sets we make.

There are chest pop and arm lock combinations, angles and poses that are used to make up this dance video.

Also some Caprock, 2 and 3 step which you can see both Pirate’s doing beside Poplock Paul, when in 2 step per beat mode it does look like Uprock, in 3 step it is called Caprock and both come under we believe the Popping / Electric Rock label but what is in a name ?

Poplock Paul on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube !!

Poplock can be found at most events in and around Bognor Regis and is especially interested in the Rox which holds quite a few events throughout the year.

If not filming then dancing at every chance, sometimes with guest dancers and sometimes alone, from home to Hotham Park and other places.

Poplock considers his work to be Semi-Pro as dancing and teaching Basic Martial Arts ‘SD’ for Charity as a break from work for fun, fitness, charity and a chance to socialize with many people who are in the Bognor Regis Music & Dance circles.

If you want to do a mash up or add your music please feel free to ask and we shall see what we can do, life is always about change and variety is the spice of life.

When adding yourself to Facebook, etc, please leave a little message to introduce yourself and what you think would be a great idea and we will respond as soon as possible.

Have a great day, keep the dream alive, keep on dancing.

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Dancer Poplock Quotes Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life

Recently I started a ’28 Poplock Days Later’ video series on Youtube, here I share 3 of them from day 7, day 14 and day 21 – all a week apart.

I’m filming the 28th Day video & you can find it on my Youtube channel

It should be up on Friday the 12th May if the Internet does not crash !!

Today with 4 days to go I wonder have I done all I can to be as prepared as possible, I’m pretty sure I have, in this 28 day time period I have been practicing for a full on dance weekend.

My mind is focused on one objective now, using the last few days and hours to brush up on the moves and getting a good amount of practice and rest so my own performance will be as good as I can get it on the weekend, currently I’m doing quite well so I think it will be a swell time and yesterday does not matter really. I have practiced as best as I can and today is the first day of the rest of my life, I have no regrets only a willingness to get stuck in…

Day 7 video when I started the 28 Days Later series…

Day zero is Saturday the 13th of May, an event ‘Rox Around The Park’ is going to take place in Hotham Park, Bognor Regis in West Sussex.

Starting in the morning and with 3 parades and many dancers attending, it promises to be a great day ending I believe about 6pm, so I guess a 7 or 8 hour day but one I think the expected 3,000 crowd will enjoy.

Based on the years gone by the Rox has successfully thrown a lot of these events for the public and is a great chance for entertainers to display their music and dances to the public. There will also be some stalls, I often get to meet many old faces and find a new act every year, I often stay most of the Saturday and on the main weekend the Sunday.

Day 14 video, trying to show new moves can be learned in 21 to 28 days…

I am aiming to learn, practice and incorporate new combo moves and styles to my street dancing abilities.

And on the 21st day I have started to become fluent in Boogaloo, Tuts (extended angles) and Electro Rock as you can see in this video.

And now all that remains is the 4th video which I shall be releasing on Friday the 12th of May, I am probably going to call it something like ’28th Day Later’ and whilst I hope to take as many videos and pictures of the event on 13th May should be an end of the ‘LATER’ series.

I’m actually considering doing a 2nd ’28 Days Later’ project but might do it in hours, so expect a ’28 Hours Poplocking Later’ video because I still want to push for more development of my dance style. It would be interesting to see how far I can take it creating new shapes and will probably use the 12th and 13th May as a reference for further videos.

Please share my post and videos, it helps me keep doing this whilst I have support, knowing that many people like and comment to me when I am seen. In fact try to come down to Hotham Park this Saturday the 13th May as I think you’ll enjoy the show. Feel free to say ‘Hi’ as I’ll be around most of the day, filming or dancing myself…

Special News Video: The Greatest Raid 75 Years Ago At St Nazaire


“What a story it is, straight out of a Commando comic book.” The Guardian.

Jeremy Clarkson tells the story of a most daring operation of World War II

The Commando raid on the German occupied dry dock at St. Nazaire in France on 28th March 1942. It was an operation so successful and so heroic that it resulted in the award of five Victoria Crosses and 80 other decorations for gallantry.

Poplock Lushers Poem Jan 2017 Update

I decided to start with a poem I always wanted to finish, it may well serve as part of my reason for reaching out this year in search of adventure…

To date, the short-ish version is thus…

In Lush did Poplock build a moment state,

Laying bare the dance soul a risky fate,

Encompassing any where an area of open ground,

Moving and throwing shapes to musical sound,

In this house of pleasure movable place to place,

sharing a muse dream form for mortal grace…

Summary, and so I present my recent poem which for years has been loosely bouncing around my skull and now in the 11th year of the web dance project I present to you as a reference and what I am trying to achieve. In fact one could argue that this is as much a basis for my life style as well as my objective. I am living the dream.

Keep the dream alive, keep on dancing…

Popping and locking every day…

If I brighten up one persons day then the whole way has been worth while, interacting with other dancers of all types with a common goal of entertaining others is part of it but, to get in to the soul of dance and funky moves for personal experience, helping others reach the moment of bliss is surely a noble good act ?

I believe it is, I feel change is going to happen in 2017 and 2018 but this is what has kept me going through time. 1984 learning street dance styles on the streets of Portsmouth and now I’m here these last 10 summers 2007 till 2016 have been a learning curve, shaping me up for this time.

Although I will be moving forward as before I will be looking at adding and modifying my skills to presenting what I do with more boom or effect.

Looking forward to dancing with you all soon !!

Live life