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New Dance Routine Day 96
Posted on Saturday May 07, 2016

We have been following a Bognor Regis Street Dancer called Poplock Paul as he dances his merry way through life. Poplock starts his new routine off with rolling knee steps and then a turning kneeling combo although we were worried he might either get stuck or wear out his trouser knees. Then he does a […]

Animation Poplock Dance Practice 2016
Posted on Friday April 08, 2016

Animation Dance Practice in the first clip, some goofing and hoofing around. Poplock solo with some Mime and hard hitting or banging as we used to call it. Hotham Park on a nice sunny Friday morning. Popping and Locking every day. Animation Poplock Dance Practice 2016 Special shout out to a couple of fellow You-tubers… […]

Soul Pop Dance 68m Version
Posted on Friday April 01, 2016

We have been working on a new dance routine for our friend and her band, Lem and the White Fire, to their ‘Sweet Sound’ music. We have these 2 musical dance videos in which we are creating and improvised dance using some basic moves, hopefully so many other people with little or no dance experience […]

Sweet Sound By Lem And The White Fire
Posted on Friday March 04, 2016

I have to blog about this video by a friend of mine, very talented singer and an awesome dancer. I hope you all click through to her video and give her a like and a good comment as Lem deserves all the support possible. Sweet Sound By Lem And The White Fire Published on 2 […]

On Stage Street Dancer Poplock
Posted on Saturday February 20, 2016

Poplock On stage with Bopping Sol. Many ask even if the term POPLOCKING is it a valid term? Poplock certainly thinks so, having danced since 1984 in and on the mean streets of Portsmouth and then in many other places, he claims it has even saved his life. Does it disrespect both Art forms of […]

Poplock Web Dance Video Series
Posted on Saturday February 20, 2016

Bognor has some Street Dancers, Poplock is one member of a small group who preaches dancing as a means of relaxation and discipline. Poplock bangs out some moves to a YouTube free royalty track called Beach Disco which is surprisingly quite funky, at a good speed so the moves can flow whilst in motion and […]

Some Key Events Of 2015
Posted on Thursday February 18, 2016

Here we are, 2016 having rocked our way through a lot of dances, poplock filming every possible moment and every move for some sort of reference. A lot of people will probably ask, with good reason why should I consider key events of 2015 and 2014? Sol And Poplock Dancing In Bognor Lets take a […]

Hello Everyone To 2016
Posted on Wednesday February 17, 2016

In updating this site we encountered a problem, with all the past info it crashed and rather than restart it with all the old stuff we decided to do a fresh install especially as Bognor Regis is just changing so much. In fact with several closures some of our posts are well out of date […]

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