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Bognor259 has much Music, Dance & Martial Arts. There is Entertainment from places, venues to activities in Bognor Regis. There are many attractions from the pier to other venues such TAO & Hardwick. The Houthampton is another great venue which has many bands & is the home of the Rox. Hotham Park is also a great place with many trees, events and animals such as squirrels & birds etc. Feel free to visit

Climping Near Bognor Regis Seaside

Moment of thoughtful peace before BBQ celebration with Son & friends in a reunion of vast quantities of drink, despite many setbacks we have had some great success and the frightening thing is, we are still in a position to ‘future-prepare’ in training etc. We are not done yet, we left our critics back at the start line.

Sunshine Over Bognor Regis
Bognor Regis
Sunset over Bognor Regis

Another great day over Bognor Regis, sunsetting over the pier in this picture, living in a seaside town of Bognor Regis has it’s advantages. There is actually a lot to do, despite what some people think & say, there are a great number of venues and places to visit.

30th August Bognor259 Update
Squirrel finds food and a perch to sit on.

Found this squirrel sitting on its perch & eating, I used a 19x lens which is why I seem to be close & the squirrel is not bothered. I like the casual way these squirrel’s act, pretty much alpha level and I believe in this ‘Hotham Park’ area they pretty much lure the dogs into chasing them up tree where they taunt dogs.