Dance Training Freestyle Joseph & Poplock Salsa Zumba Musical

Dance Training with Joseph Foreman and Poplock Paul in February 2015. Throwing some shapes and having fun with dancing styles Read more

Dance Training Freestyle Joseph & Poplock Salsa Zumba Musical

Dance Training with Joseph Foreman and Poplock Paul in February 2015. Throwing some shapes and having fun with dancing styles Read more


I am Poplock Paul, I am getting ready for 2015 which will be my 9th year in this web dance project.
Thank you for those that have followed and twittered my video’s and articles about dancing, over the last 8 years as I have rocked, locked and popped my way through life.
In this 9th year I am going to add some old dances to my routines, from Charleston to Lindy-hop and Salsa which I am currently learning at the moment under Dance Teacher Joseph Foreman.
Hence #PoplockSalsaDance2015
Adding street dance to Salsa is not a new idea, there is Cuban Salsa Street Dance but what I am doing is a bit different, I already have several styles of footwork such as Uprock and the Charleston as well as our own style of Caprock.
I got the idea of mixing dances from Xanadu although at the time I was serving away, however once I saw the film Xanadu the idea of mixing music and dances stuck with me.
Olivia Newton John & Gene Kelly – “Whenever You’re Away From Me 1980″

Awesome video especially with the old band and new rock band mixing their music and dance moves, also the muse working with a young artist and old guy played by Gene Kelly.
Old Couple Walks On The Dance Floor And Blows Everyone Away!

Fun and very good despite their age, a very good bit of dancing by this couple, maybe one day I will find a dance partner and do some Salsa or other dance…
ILHC 2013 – Invitational Strictly Lindy Hop Finals

High energy and very good dancing in pairs, I can appreciate the effort and practice that must have gone into all these couples dance acts.
I aim to do a tutorial on basics soon, poppin and lockin as well as some of the styles I use in my own routines especially for this year, 2015, my 8th year on the project…
Joseph Foreman & Poplock Dancing In Hotham Park In Bognor Regis

Published on 26 Jan 2015
Joseph Foreman teaches Zumba, Salsa and Pilates in Bognor Regis University Camp. Dancing in the park for fun and health. Poplock Paul in support mode and learning the Salsa under Joseph Foreman.

Poplock Paul Has A Mission For 2015

I, Poplock Paul am on a dance mission in 2015, the 9th year of this web project.
I aim to cover the usual events such as Rox, Gala, Green Fair and Illuminations in Bognor Regis for 2015, and some extra events in Portsmouth, etc.
Anyone wishing to take part whether you can dance or not is welcome, please feel free to join in, either email via website or catch us dancing around Bognor Regis be it Hotham Park or the University campus…
We got three videos in January but due to cold, virus and a freak accident I personally have had my hands full, but my health is returning so will be shooting a video soon.
I might start with an ABC for 2015 where I shoot 3 short 30 second trailer length videos then create a long dance video with the rest of the footage.
Poplock Paul Has A Mission For 2015
My mission is to spread peace and goodwill and hopefully raise cash for charity as well as entertain people with some of my moves.
I have met a local Salsa dancer and teacher, Joseph Foreman who also does Zumba and Pilates.
There may well be more videos with both of us, Joseph wants some videos shot in London for a charity event so who knows what footage we will be able to capture…
Watch this space because this being my 9th year should be an even greater year than ever before.
Poplock Paul Has A Mission For 2015
Who is Poplock Paul ?
I am a 51 year old Front Line Security Supervisor who has done the doors and worked in a load of shops and static assignments.
I danced in 1984 in Portsmouth and founded some groups such as the Pompey Carpet Shufflers.
Over the last 8 years I have danced in more then 240 video clips which we have put in
This being my 9th year I am going to try and double that and include other areas such as Portsmouth and London.
Poplock Paul Has A Mission For 2015
Not sure how far we can take this but, it would be great to keep entertaining people and develop the dancing even further.
This year I want to add Salsa to it, sort of like Salsa Street Dance.
I look forward to updating this blog soon, so thanks for checking in and having a read, never fear I have checked with my DOC and am as healthy as ever.
We are going to make 2015 rock more than ever before, thank you everyone for your support…

Joseph Foreman & Poplock Dancing In Hotham Park In Bognor Regis

Joseph Foreman teaches Zumba, Salsa and Pilates in Bognor Regis University Camp. Dancing in the park for fun and health. Read more

2015 Dance Trailer 2 Joseph Foreman & Poplock

2015 Dance Trailer 2 in Hotham Park, Bognor Regis, West Sussex. Joseph Foreman dancing in the park throwing some good Read more

Will You Dance By Joseph Foreman & Poplock Trailer

Will you dance with me session of throwing some moves. Dance Teacher Joseph Foreman supported by Street Entertainer Poplock Paul Read more

Minecraft Update 16th December 2014

I update the game quite often, to make things easier I have decided to add this blog so minecraft players and spectators can be aware of game changes, etc.

East Side

A birds eye view of the East Side of our current main town on our 259 Realms Server

I have added a ranking system based on a players Stone and Mob-kill scores, every month I round up all the points into the Stone plus a bonus and rank according to those points each player.
Portsmouth Miner has earned Iron Clad status for scoring 14,000 + points
Then comes Stone Hard players:
Pop with 5,000 +
Clubber with 1,000 +
Samster with 1,000 +
In the Wooden Top class are Kaydaisy and Exconix
And last is the Grass-hoppers of which there are currently about 12 to 15 players…
Over the last few months we have had 55 players at least land in the game and either built or mined and at some point went mob stopping quite a number, the Zombies have never had it so bad.
Current game play options…
I have seen quite a few players disappear over the town wall without a base house and sometimes I hear or get messages when they are in trouble or lost, currently I have reduced the size from 30,000,000 blocks to about 10,000 across each way which I feel is ample, that is about 6 miles or 10 kilometers across north to south and east to west.
I might expand that in the future.
From the town there is a West Bedrock with lots of buildings and players beside or just off to one side or another.
There are mob arena’s and joint projects such as the two underwater complex’s being built, one at the far end of the West bedrock road and one within the city limits which few people have noticed. The town one is more a practice and was used more to test how to build an underwater complex, we use these to search for sea temples and monuments which can be found deep underwater.
We have access with a portal to the nether and even have a couple of End-portals where we have slain several dragons, on one occasion 2 at the same time, anyone going to the Nether and End should do so with someone else with some experience or should now where the exit portals are in case one finds it is too much.
Anyway, have fun and I hope to update this next week with players buildings and achievements with an update on the current joint project in the far Underwater Complex we are going to nickname ‘Atlantis’…
Feel free to post your pics or videos if your on this server although I aim to do regular reports and updates myself…

Club Lush near the end of 2014 with Xmas dead ahead…

With the end of 2014 I look back at the year and remember this year with fond memories.
Awesome times and with 2015 ahead I feel things can only get better. Happy days in Club Lush in 2014 but more days ahead I guess and with the safety and friendly atmosphere I can not think of anywhere else I would spend my time whilst in Bognor Regis.
Great prices on drinks and friendly dancers and drinkers with great staff I highly recommend this night spot to any one looking for a great night out.
I have gone since way back in 1992 but more so since 2000 up to present day so that is probably over 14 years dancing and drinking in this great venue.

Mates Ross and Poplock

Mates Ross And Poplock

Another great person, Ross who really should have his own show, great personality and cool attitude to life, universe and dancing.

Club Lush DJ

Club Lush Club Lush so good they should have named it twice…
And what about the Dj’s of Bognor Regis and it’s best night spot ?
Dj Ryan Hadwick
Dj Shaun Pearsey
And I will mention Dj Tim Hoad especially…
Great work Lads and if I missed anyone I will be adding more posts as soon as I can.
I look forward to this Xmas and especially 2015

Poplock has a night out in Bognor Regis Night Clubb Lush. DJ Magic spins the tracks, Chainsaw Dancer becomes a top notch camera man and there are two guest appearances by Sol and Ashley. A mad but brilliant night out.

Bognor Regis Summer Gala 2014 With Poplock In V7 Dance Video

Poplock Paul doing some lockin and Poppin on the back of a lorry.
Bognor Regis Summer Gala in 2014, this is 7th of 14 video clips.
First time I danced to this music but it went well considering I had little warning, but as they say, the show must go on…