Bognor Regis Summer Gala 2014 With Poplock In V7 Dance Video

Poplock Paul doing some lockin and Poppin on the back of a lorry.
Bognor Regis Summer Gala in 2014, this is 7th of 14 video clips.
First time I danced to this music but it went well considering I had little warning, but as they say, the show must go on…

Als Icey Water Bucket Challenge By Poplock Paul In Bognor Regis

It took 3 takes to get it right as something kept going wrong til the challenge was finally fulfilled.
Poplock In Bognor Regis Does The Als Icey Water Bucket Challenge.
Discover who nominated Poplock Paul and he he choose on the fateful Thursday of 28th August 2014.

Bognor Carnival 2014 With Atlantic Sound and Poplock Paul

Special Thanks to Atlantic Sound from Poplock Paul.
Atlantic SoundDisco with support from Poplock Paul took part in the Bognor Regis Carnival 2014.
24th August at 8.30pm the procession rolled out from West Park to the Pier and around Town to stop outside the Royal Hotel.
Then the fireworks display started…

Poplock Paul Visits Hotham Park County Fair In August 2014

Poplock takes a few video clips of some music and dancing.
Features Chichester City Band, Mikes Music Workshop with Mike on the Saxiphone to Alexis a popular leading vocalist and finally I did a couple of minutes of dancing to some random music courtesy of members of the County Fair and special thanks to Sue Harris.
Hotham Park County Fair on 2nd and 3rd August 2014.

Bognor Rox 2014 Street Dancing With Poplock Raw Video Cut

Dancing in the Bognor Rox 2014 was a blast and I will be looking for other events.
Scouting around Saturday I bumped into a lot of friends, so managed to grab some real street dance scenes.
In some cases I rewarded the dancers or camera persons with a drink.

Bognor Gala 6 Dance by Poplock

Bognor Regis Gala in June 2014.
A handful of moves to the funkiest of grooves.
Poplock doing a mixture of modern popping and old style Locking.
Can you spot Tel Pop-E-Lock’s head ?

Bognor Gala 2014 Neil & Poplock V5B Dance

Special thanks to our Cameraman Neil and support dancer.
This is a V5B dance video
Always useful with a smile and bags of humour. Bognor Regis Gala on Sunday 15th June 2014.
Also present was Pete the Greek and some passing dancing girl.

Bognor Gala 2014 DJ Shaun Pearcey

Organisor is Entertainments Manager Nigel, hopefully we will have a interview with him.
Bognor Gala 2014 With DJ Shaun Pearcey. With Poplock in Video 4 of the H Series, year 8.
Support your local DJ’s and Entertainment venue.

Friends Pop By Bognor Gala 2014 With Poplock

Areasontomakemusic dot com organised the float to promote the Dj’s of Bognor Regis.
Public entertainment by putting the fun in funky dance. Friends Popping by our Gala lorry float, on Sunday 15th june 2014.
Another day Another Dance´╗┐

Poplock V7 Bognor Regis Summer Gala 2014

Bognor Regis Summer Gala in 2014, this is 7th of 14 video clips. Poplock doing some lockin and Poppin on Read more