Expanded Web Estate Update

Having just checked my Web Stats 05.30am Fri 24th July 2020 I decided to write for a change about what I do to promote causes for ‘Bognor Music & Dance’ etc.

Working away creating content and promoting…

Whilst I have worked 14+ years to raise awareness for local causes and charities I am working on a commercial project. As well as help promote music & dancing locally in Bognor Regis & online I also create my own YouTube Videos for my’Poplock Paul’ channel & also many other projects.

So I have exbanded my website estate and think it is time I updated my web mission, whilst I will be running the Web Project to promote local causes and artists from Dj’s to Dancers, freely as I have done for 14 years I am looking at several commercial prospects to help with costs & expand.

Years ago when I was running a Martial Art Club and travelling around meeting & competing other Martial Artists in Tournaments & Associations, someone told me that doing things for free can make it seem a worthless pursuit, that most people only value something they have to pay for.


One of my recent edits & promotions is for a great local ‘Dj Les’ who I have known for many years, I wrote about ‘Dj Les Dickens’ & several other dejays, in my website ‘Project2020’ for local promotions but mainly ‘Bognor Regis Music & Dance Causes & Charities’ which raised over £750 UKP for a NHS Charity I believe.


May & June the ‘LIVESTREAM’ joint effort went well. but due to changes the project came to an end, I am continuing with the ‘Project2020’ to raise awareness & weights. I am also doing a series of ‘dance fibit fitness’ videos for YouTube, as well as several other smaller projects I will be promoting.


Talking about YouTube I try to feature other people in my videos and have over the years been in many events and situations, if you are local or see me say ‘Hi’ and if I have me camera maybe you will dance with me?

My web estate consists of about 8 key websites that I contribute content to and can be found easily in many Search-Engines including Google, whilst I didn’t set out to be a WebMaster I have over time found it fun to write and whilst I probably will never create a great book I seem to have found a way to write for tens of thousands over the years via my articles & posts.

Sometimes I write about minecraft, as I own my own server so players can get on and join in, I am creating a new video series and in fact that is my next task as it needs an update via www.ftb259.com and I look forward to checking and adding new protected areas & structures as well as a new video and updated post.


Currently I am doing a recon and will start building more protected areas and a road to which we will begin exploring more of this minecraft world, as time goes by I expect to unlock more of this minecraft version 1.16.1 server world, players are welcome to join in my project and indeed once I get to know them I can make them a protected area or assign them to one.

I aim to keep the guidelines real easy, players can join in the road project or have their own areas, anyone griefing or stealing will be banned, usually with a dozen or so players there are always one or two so that is why I am running an adult server to avoid tantrums and sillyness.

Besides, with the YouTube videos I do not want to make content for kiddies, else that means my video licence terms change and quite honest that would make my job a lot harder.

I shall leave you with this update, but I am expanding and indeed have a rota for creating regular content for my Web Estate and YOUR web links be they websites, blogs, video or other web services that many visitors find interesting, so bye for now and if you need help or wish to contact then catch me on Facebook ‘Poplock Paul’ and maybe your site might be featured in my network. Stay safe & bye for now…

Fitness 2020 Update 18th July

For some time despite illnesses and distractions I have kept a fitness regime going, but now have updated the idea and gathered some new fitbit info & screen shots to show I have a fitness plan for 2020. Problem with creating these updates is by the time I have put the content out I have achieved a new level but, basically I am out to burn 28,000 Calories on a weekly basis. Basic ways I use to burn calories and build mean lean muscle is Dance, Weights, Roadwork sessions and Martial Arts like Boxing & Kickboxing as well as Ju Jitsu & grappling.


Having reached 800 reps & moved a total of 12,800 kg’s at the moment I want to cover this and other types of exercise. From weights to dancing, Martial Arts to Roadwork & anything that helps raise awareness & lower chance of problems such as Diabetes and other sorts of illnesses due to being over weight, etc. I believe that remaining out of shape can lead to Diabetes and Dementias as well as other dis-eases etc.


11th July 2020 was when I reached 800 reps when I have decided to cut back to 2 weight sessions a week, I have a set of other weights and can use those or do extra reps but for now going to let my body work at that level so I can work expanding my stamina and other areas such as MA, Dance and Roadwork be it walking, hikes and running. Building muscles & losing the fatty middle is important, having a bigger chest than waist apparently is a mark that you should have good health against diabetes and other such illness that may occur especially when one is overweight or indeed some what obese.

2 sets for today 28th June 2020

I did 123 minutes of training in Running & Weights, burning 847 calories which to me is a lazy day indeed. I try to burn a thousand calories a day in some sort of way to raise my weekly 20,000 average burn rate up to 28,000 calories a week. In theory I am at 27k burning 2lbs of calories a week, hopefully fat and judging by my loss of 2 inches from the waist is what I am after and an extra bit of muscles and strength, etc.

My lazy day with a couple of fat burning sessions.

Even when I am in lazy mode for a few days or a week I will still be losing calories and some of that waist and more importantly, putting on the extra lean muscle in the right areas is a great feeling and healthy too. I will leave that here but will be updating and the fitness 2020 site and looking at the other 3 days, I will make a fuller report on the benifits of training & how I stepped it up to a winning plan that works for me using my fitbit and some basic non costly ways and a basic good diet. A little every day every week soon shows. Bye for now and have fun getting motivated and fit. Freedom.

Project2020 July Update

July 2020 starts off with a nice session of dance and then some weights. Raising awareness for charity & causes as well as weights. whilst I was covering in May & June a project by Dj’s on the ‘LIVE STREAM ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK’ I was also doing other things like ‘Dance Fitbit Fitness’ and cracking some new shapes.

Poplock Shout Out To Dorota

A chance meeting with a friend, someone mentions dancing and then I am dancing on the beach with a lovelly bubbly Lady called Dorota. Now we have a new dance video 13N247 or ‘Shoutout 2 Dorota by Poplock Paul’ though you should find it via the link to the dance channel.

Dj Les Dickens answers this question, ‘Why do you believe Music is so important especially in these strange times?’

To find out the answer to that question you can read more at:


Poplock Paul asks Dj Les Dickens ‘Why do you believe Music is so important especially in these strange times?’
Bognor’s Music Scene.
Well, by now you probably realise I love my music and I mean I really do but what is music?
To some its the current chart, to others its a particular genre, music however, is a multitude of genres and performers and spreads out commercially well over 80 years. They key thing I think to remember about music is to embrace and love it.

Eventually the discussion ends with: I will always do what is asked of me and certainly now more than ever escapism and enjoyment through music, current right the way back to the start, through genres and artists is a powerful coping mechanism for a lot of people. Knowing I have made a difference and brought a smile is what makes this magical journey worth it to me. I am humbled at the opportunity to be able to do that. Right through Karaoke nights, weddings, Dj nights and more, the ability to affect someone’s state of mind with the music you play is an honour.


Poplock Paul on a rather different idea but rather than add some content here about ‘fitness – dance’ I have decided to create a new website for ‘FITNESS’ and post in more detail what I am doing and why for future reference. My workouts start from Dancing to Weights, Martial Arts to Walking & Hiking and the occassional Run. You can read more about that: