Basic Timer Dance 20m X1

Dance Series x1

The Bognor Dancer has cracked some more shapes in his new Mini Series X1 where he does a basic timer dance of 20m to restart his personal practise.

Video 215 is the first of Poplock Paul X-series, since coming back to Bognor and following his recent Charity Dance Series with fellow Artists Gary & Jason there has only been one other video since apart from this which is…

…A Martial Art Dance video V214 called ‘Heaven To Earth MA Hip Hop Dance’ which seems to be getting a lot of feedback.

For awhile Poplock Paul was cranking these videos out, but for the last fortnight it has been harder to keep that going and so there has been a pause and now the restart via the X-series which starts with V215.

Train to succeed !!

Train to succeed. Dancing for Cancer Research UK, Gary Broughton can be found in video V210 to V213 dancing with Poplock Paul & Jason Sanger who also has his own project, EKUSA !!

We hope to cover the EKUSA project of Jason Sanger in greater depth in a future article, the dance videos at this point were just shot on the spur of the moment and apparently just talked through prior to filming those great scenes in Hotham Park of Bognor Regis.

Afterburn 4 The Future

We found the above video – What if Mad Max was to meet Super Mario I wonder?

It further states ‘This is a special video to share with my friends who have helped me film. Special shout out to Micky & Christina, Jason Sanger as Super Mario and Greg as well’ from Poplock Paul.

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