Bognor259 Entertainment.

Pointy Training

We are expanding to cover more for Entertainment Objectives, for example:

  1. Dance, Performance Art – Theory & Practice.
  2. Music, Royalty Free Music as used in our YT videos, etc.
  3. Filming, techniques, trailers & teasers in our video work.
  4. Media, communication of info & entertainment.
  5. Sports, spectator Martial Arts & Fitness related action.
  6. Cultural Events, such as festivals, parades & cosplay conventions.
  7. Video games & story development & other digital experiences.
  8. Green Screen & such activities for fun & info.

This does limit my activities but, in producing future work for vlogging & blogging, we will try to cover and work to produce within the area of entertainment for fun & info. In the past we have limited us to ‘Music & Dance’ but have on occasion over lapped other areas so from now on, we shall refer to this blog as an entertainment project. For instance we aim to include RAP and will, as we did for ‘Rap-Attack’ places that within the ‘Entertainment-Music’ although this was included in our video ‘Rap Defender V221’ in our YouTube Channel ‘Poplock Paul’ & Bognor Dancer.

Rap Defenders Mc Tesla & Poplock Dancer v221.

Rap Defenders Mc Tesla & Poplock Dancer v221 was a combined effort to produce a ‘Rap Music Dance’ video from our own efforts, our own words, beat and style. We are aiming to produce more poetical rap tracks like this in future YouTube videos. The first Rap Track is by ‘Mc Tesla’ who is a friend of mine and with common interests in Rap and Martial Arts, both of us having fought in the ring, etc: Despite being 58, I have recently fought in the ring and boxed 3 contests, going the distance in 2 & winning 1. The second Rap Track is an old one I had and I will be looking to turn some of my old poems into these types of raps and with some basic beats I hope to create also some new tracks. I find ‘Mc Tesla’ very fast but I can keep up with his Raps but I can’t memorise or Rap that quick, I used to do poems off from memory, who knows maybe one day I will but we are different types of Rappers and hopefully this blend will be useful in future creations. Thinking about it, I should do 1 for November 2020 & 1 for Xmas. I was going to add text and pictures but with the software I’m using at the moment it tends to distort the video, so I have kept it clean and simple so at least the quality will not be affected. I may have a solution to this problem, I have updated software and indeed have been adding graphics such as pictures and gifs, it seems if I use MP4 files with MPEG it tends to lag. I am looking to either re-shoot videos in MPEG or I will convert them to MP4 in future productions. I’m quite happy with this video and look forward to creating more, I have always wanted to do Raps from my poems and thanks to ‘Mc Tesla’ and the finding of my lost track on my MP3 I feel I shall give it a go. I’m quite happy at this first attempt, a follow up will be on my to do list, it is possible to use this to push the messages and causes I’m backing up. Thank you for any feedback and please like, share & sub.

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