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Bognor Dj Les in the mix, music for your entertainment.

I had the pleasure of asking DjLes some questions, from those questions I shall place here a few extracts from those chats on Project2020.

Well, by now you probably realise I love my music and I mean I really do but what is music?
To some its the current chart, to others its a particular genre, music however, is a multitude of genres and performers and spreads out commercially well over 80 years. They key thing I think to remember about music is to embrace and love it. Music is life. I believe this wholeheartedly, memories, passion and enjoyment, no matter what the genre as its a personable thing. One artist may be legendary to one but not to another. One genre may be the ultimate style to one but not to another. My own personal tastes vary depending on my mood or what I am doing. Background music sets a tone, not necessarily what you’d want while driving let’s say. Yes music is a powerful medium and in the right place and the right time is a perfect accompaniment to whatever you are doing. Music lets not forget has been around in Chart form since the 50s. That’s a lot of number one hit singles and even more that didn’t make it. 70 years worth of hits and memories that transcend across generations and families and countries of the world. All touched at some point by something they heard on the radio by chance or by regularly listening to the weekly chart shows in their bedrooms.

That was in reply to my question. Poplock Paul asks Dj Les Dickens ‘Why do you believe Music is so important especially in these strange times?’

To continue with ‘Bognor Dj Les’

Music is a history lesson of life and culture within our Country and the past must never be forgotten as it also influences the future. I love performing now as a DJ because it gives me the opportunity to present a journey every time I play.
What is my style? Well to be honest I did mention in my first answer that there are a few out there that only play one genre and are very skilled within that. They specialise in that and do sometimes put on big nights with that one particular genre as the theme. The problem there is of course sustainability as it quickly become samey if it’s done all the time.
Music is a release, it’s a drug, it’s a passion, memory invoking moments whereby life is forgotten and people immerse themselves in nostalgia (whether that be from 50 years ago or two weeks ago) and they forget about worries and troubles while you play something that puts them into a happy place.

Bognor Dj Les on ‘Beathubz’

Expanded Web Estate Update

Having just checked my Web Stats 05.30am Fri 24th July 2020 I decided to write for a change about what I do to promote causes for ‘Bognor Music & Dance’ etc.

Working away creating content and promoting…

Whilst I have worked 14+ years to raise awareness for local causes and charities I am working on a commercial project. As well as help promote music & dancing locally in Bognor Regis & online I also create my own YouTube Videos for my’Poplock Paul’ channel & also many other projects.

So I have exbanded my website estate and think it is time I updated my web mission, whilst I will be running the Web Project to promote local causes and artists from Dj’s to Dancers, freely as I have done for 14 years I am looking at several commercial prospects to help with costs & expand.

Years ago when I was running a Martial Art Club and travelling around meeting & competing other Martial Artists in Tournaments & Associations, someone told me that doing things for free can make it seem a worthless pursuit, that most people only value something they have to pay for.

One of my recent edits & promotions is for a great local ‘Dj Les’ who I have known for many years, I wrote about ‘Dj Les Dickens’ & several other dejays, in my website ‘Project2020’ for local promotions but mainly ‘Bognor Regis Music & Dance Causes & Charities’ which raised over £750 UKP for a NHS Charity I believe.

May & June the ‘LIVESTREAM’ joint effort went well. but due to changes the project came to an end, I am continuing with the ‘Project2020’ to raise awareness & weights. I am also doing a series of ‘dance fibit fitness’ videos for YouTube, as well as several other smaller projects I will be promoting.

Talking about YouTube I try to feature other people in my videos and have over the years been in many events and situations, if you are local or see me say ‘Hi’ and if I have me camera maybe you will dance with me?

My web estate consists of about 8 key websites that I contribute content to and can be found easily in many Search-Engines including Google, whilst I didn’t set out to be a WebMaster I have over time found it fun to write and whilst I probably will never create a great book I seem to have found a way to write for tens of thousands over the years via my articles & posts.

Sometimes I write about minecraft, as I own my own server so players can get on and join in, I am creating a new video series and in fact that is my next task as it needs an update via and I look forward to checking and adding new protected areas & structures as well as a new video and updated post.

Currently I am doing a recon and will start building more protected areas and a road to which we will begin exploring more of this minecraft world, as time goes by I expect to unlock more of this minecraft version 1.16.1 server world, players are welcome to join in my project and indeed once I get to know them I can make them a protected area or assign them to one.

I aim to keep the guidelines real easy, players can join in the road project or have their own areas, anyone griefing or stealing will be banned, usually with a dozen or so players there are always one or two so that is why I am running an adult server to avoid tantrums and sillyness.

Besides, with the YouTube videos I do not want to make content for kiddies, else that means my video licence terms change and quite honest that would make my job a lot harder.

I shall leave you with this update, but I am expanding and indeed have a rota for creating regular content for my Web Estate and YOUR web links be they websites, blogs, video or other web services that many visitors find interesting, so bye for now and if you need help or wish to contact then catch me on Facebook ‘Poplock Paul’ and maybe your site might be featured in my network. Stay safe & bye for now…