17 May 2020 Update

It has been awhile since I have written, but as we are in lockdown I am going to write a few blog posts about the Dejays I am mentioning in my web site Project2020 !!

My friends new website about Hip Hop

I will also write about a few of my YouTube videos and each post after this I will add in the title M1 to M9 if I get that far. I probably should do that then write this page last knowing how far I get. I’m thinking possibly M6 and I shall add END after the Title so you & I know how far I got to in one go.

In following and writing about the Dejays I have learned that they have a FaceBook page called ‘LIVE STREAM ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK!!’

Click to access for further updates, shout-outs and mentions about local entertaining Artists from the homepage of Project2020. You will find Shout out by Poplock to Dejays Ryan Hadwick, Les Dickens & Shaun Pearcey of the ‘Live Stream Entertainment Network’ which rocks.

You will find other posts such as, Radio Respect – Updates include; Jeanette Campbell-Murray with music from film and theatre 05 OCT 2019 on ‘RADIO RESPECT’.

Also you will find is info about British Self Defence – Paul is in the process of opening a ‘Self Defence Community’ such as ‘Ladies Self Protection’ and ‘Night-workers Advanced Self Defence’ as well as raise awareness and charity !!

You can find a post too about Actor Gary Broughton has been filmed on Eastenders and as a survivor of Cancer has raised money for UK Cancer Research and even danced with local dancers with Poplock Paul and starred in a video or two but that is another story !!

I should also mention Sasha Alexandra – A review and indeed a link to a FaceBook page for you Ladies which is taking Bognor Regis by storm, please click and read as I am sure you will find it of interest..

Apparently, this Project2020 Website was Created on Monday 4th May 2020 by Poplock Paul so I guess the bubble wrap is still wrapped around it. There are a few updates every week so it will be interesting to see further updates in the future. I will say stay safe, and best regards til next post !!

Tweet Bognor 259 Project

As part of my thanks to many Artists be they Deejays, band members, singers or dancers I aim to create web pages to support them if only to share some of my visitors to their web blog sites or videos.

Be Tweeted On My Tweet Pages !!

Tweet Bognor 259 Dot Com / Project 2020

Currently I have added a page about ‘Actor Gary Broughton’, a group called ‘Get Bognor Social’, A MasqueRox event for May 2020 and Radio Respect !!

I have yet to include other pages, one I am going to re-arrange is for ‘British Combat Association’ which will be covering ‘Self Defence’ and ‘Conditional Fitness’ etc !! I am also going to cover Sasha Alexander who visits Bognor Regis and has made a big impact. In fact I will be covering her service shortly but as most people are aware she is very helpful and a bright new Star in Bognor Regis and amongst her talents she can dance very well. It was a privilege to dance, shoot pictures and I look forward to covering more about Sasha Alexandra soon…

Project 2020 is my current main drive to Promo other Artists as well as my own work, indeed a few of my fellow Artists have gotten in touch with each other and so maybe that is a good thing if nothing else happens, I’m just sharing the ‘Stage Light’ with everyone who has helped & supported my own cause. This is as much about other people I have worked with as it is about Bognor Regis Music Action Dance Events, etc !!

Please feel free to check out my latest YouTube video on my Poplock Paul channel and if you feel mad enough and live in Bognor Regis or surrounding areas then contact me on my YT or FaceBook profile also with my stage name ‘Poplock Paul’ and maybe you’ll be in one of my videos too !!

Poplock Paul Video dance Channel

Best regards to my Web Blog Visitors and Fellow Artists…

Basic Timer Dance 20m X1

The Bognor Dancer has cracked some more shapes in his new Mini Series X1 where he does a basic timer dance of 20m to restart his personal practise.

Video 215 is the first of Poplock Paul X-series, since coming back to Bognor and following his recent Charity Dance Series with fellow Artists Gary & Jason there has only been one other video since apart from this which is…

…A Martial Art Dance video V214 called ‘Heaven To Earth MA Hip Hop Dance’ which seems to be getting a lot of feedback.

For awhile Poplock Paul was cranking these videos out, but for the last fortnight it has been harder to keep that going and so there has been a pause and now the restart via the X-series which starts with V215.

Train to succeed !!

Train to succeed. Dancing for Cancer Research UK, Gary Broughton can be found in video V210 to V213 dancing with Poplock Paul & Jason Sanger who also has his own project, EKUSA !!

We hope to cover the EKUSA project of Jason Sanger in greater depth in a future article, the dance videos at this point were just shot on the spur of the moment and apparently just talked through prior to filming those great scenes in Hotham Park of Bognor Regis.

Afterburn 4 The Future

We found the above video – What if Mad Max was to meet Super Mario I wonder?

It further states ‘This is a special video to share with my friends who have helped me film. Special shout out to Micky & Christina, Jason Sanger as Super Mario and Greg as well’ from Poplock Paul.

Cancer Research UK Dance v213

We got a kick out of making this video, so in April 2019 we did a bit of dance training in an effort to support Survivor Gary’s Cancer Research UK.

Train To Dance

Above V213 Below V212:
Where the heck is Poplock Paul in this V212 Bodyrock video in 2019? Clip 1 is Poplock Paul doing an old Boogaloo Routine. Clip 2 is freestyle gig with Gary Broughton, Jason of EKUSA and Poplock Paul. Clip 3 is Bin Squirrel come out of hiding. So here we are March 2019 doing our own dances together, please like, share and subscribe to let us know you appreciate our work.

Above V212 & Below V211

Charity Cancer Dancers Gary, Jason & Poplock V211

Warm sunny day to do a Charity Cancer Dance with Dancers Gary Broughton including Jason Sanger with Poplock Paul in this Intro V211 follow up video version. The decision to waver a 20 minute warm up and just start video shooting whilst dancing simple routines in our own way, was chosen and we first danced to ‘Beach Disco’ and then ‘Jump & Thump’ before doing a bit of bag work & shooting a Benny Hills style scene before calling it a day and wrapping it up. Great day filming…

Charity Cancer Dancer Gary Broughton & Friends V210

Warm sunny day to do a Charity Cancer Dance with Dancer Gary Broughton & Friends including Jason Sanger with Poplock Paul in this Intro V210 video version. Gary Broughton is dancing to support Cancer Research UK to help raise funds, etc. Gary is also nearing the end of his current Dance-a-thon and hopes to raise more donations as he is a Cancer Survivor. The decision to waver a 20 minute warm up and just start video shooting whilst dancing simple routines in our own way, was chosen and we first danced to ‘Beach Disco’ and then ‘Jump & Thump’ before doing a bit of bag work & shooting a Benny Hills style scene before calling it a day and wrapping it up. There was time to wave at some people on a passing train. Great day and hopefully we will create a little dance video series, we aim to do a follow up video shoot so I believe we have a good chance to create a few more trailer style videos. I have no actual plans as to number of videos or how long this mini series ‘Charity’ will be, but when we get to a certain point then we will end this mini series and start another as soon as is possible. I’m awaiting feedback and also awaiting to study the videos tomorrow before making further plans, however there will be quite a few videos to edit yet so I’m happy about that. Have a good day, thank you for watching this video and hope you like, share and subscribe to catch our future videos and adventures.

Pat Point Hip Hop Dance V207

This was one of several clips taken a few minutes apart as I did my practice in between to see if it works doing most or all videos in one day. As you can see I had to do a little starting combo moves to get clip in time with music and video as I usually overlay the soundtrack over the video if the sound is compromised by wind or other noise or drowns out actually music from camera. In the middle I used Points, Dimestops & some Liquid Waves. One thing is that with this Pat & Point Honeybar Mini Series each clip gets better with time and practice. That is the fun of Hip Hop Dancing.

Pat Point V206

In this second ‘Pat Point Hip Hop Dance’ being 2 of 5 in a ‘Mini Series Honeybar V206’ I was able to better my moves over the 1st attempt. Pat & Point for feet and hands, 2 different styles in their own right but I have fused them together to see how I progress with this dance experiment. From the first to this second video I seem to have made this routine or style more fluent, it will be interesting to see how I progress. I will be creating pages and my plan is to add this to my Poplockwiki dot com website with more details how and why I created this little mini series I call ‘Honeybar’ which is the name of the music piece I used in this video.

Pat Point V205

This Pat Point Hip Hop Dance choreography is 1 Of 5 in a Mini Series Honeybar, and is known to many as V205. This is an intro video Using Pat (tern) footwork and a bit of Vepoint as I work with the 2 styles in week 10 of this years training. I may throw a few other styles in to the mix and see what happens. Today I’ll be reviewing the other footage again and uploading those when I can, at the end of the day I want to complete a ‘Shout-out’ video for a friend I know ‘Tesla MC’ who is a talented rapper. I will also be creating an end of week 10 video for my next ‘MA-Dance’ mini series which I will also be working on over the next few days. Please enjoy.

Basic & Advanced Hip Hop Dance Vepoint Style

Based on Old Style Locking Action which we used in Portsmouth in the 84 to 86 Breakdance & Bodypopping age or era, we created these 2 short dance videos to share so new and old dancers can learn an easy but funky basic and advanced way to share the fun with. This is one of several routines we will be releasing over the next few weeks, anyone can take from these two short videos.

Basic Hip Hop Dance Vepoint

As usual the video was shot in the location of Hotham Park in Bognor Regis, West Sussex, UK. I was also inspired by Gingers Waacking having attended a 3 day course event last October where Ginger was 1 of 9 teachers that taught us, Ginger was awesome. The course was a 3 day camp called ‘Hip Hop Dont Stop’ by Urban Strides, to which I am going to again this coming April, all being well.

Advanced Hip Hop Dance Vepoint Tutorial

Advanced Hip Hop Dance Vepoint Tutorial, for reference in 2019. Adding in more footwork, hand moves and the Fresno. Fresno popping & Vepoint locking. This could constitute a Poplock style, although you could say it is 33.3% Locking, 33.3% Popping and 33.3% Poplock !!

Eye Of The Tiger Dance Below

Starting with some videos of my bag punching and chaining of Boxing & Martial Art counter techniques. Some old and new dance moves, and a few short routines.
A video clip I used was shot in 2010 and thanks to my training & dancing friends. ‘Eye of the Tiger’ also included. Shot in location Hotham Park in BR, Bognor Regis, West Sussex in the UK.

Bognor Dancer Has Eye Of The Tiger

Ma Dancing in complete defiance, still rocking away. Now learning new skills and getting ready for 2019 with hope and determination to make a difference and put fun in funk dance which is interactive with who ever is up for a dance. Or dance solo and try out new ideas.

No stranger to hard training, bagwork & displaying the art of chain-punching & footwork in action and in dancing. Using old Poplocking moves and learning tap and even Hip Hop via Urban Strides there may be many dance videos to come yet, from one of Bognor Dancers who is trying to keep the dream alive. Shot in location of Hotham Park in Bognor Regis, West Sussex you can find over 180 videos going back for about six years.

Don’t touch me Buster Poplock has currently over 17,000 views. Not bad for a solo artists using dance moves that date back to 1984.

2700 visitors have so far clicked this end of an event where the ‘Dancing Doorman’ throws a few moves.

93,000 people have clicked on Kill Chill 2018. Even weather will not stop the Bognor Dancer Popping and Locking what ever the weather, keep on dancing to keep the dream alive. Dancing around Bognor Regis and many other places is what keeps the Bognor Dancer fit and healthy. Whatever the weather and what ever obstacles in the path of this UNSTOPPABLE Ma Dance force of fun & merry mayhem.

Alien Home Alone ABS 5

Near the end of 2018, so I am carrying on and pushing for the numbers, also going to plan as January to April 2019 is going to be very busy and then all hell will break lose as certain negative people are (apparently) going to have their revenge. Oh well, never mind, eh!! April 2019 seems so far away. Thanks to N for the advice and help, all systems are go here, every day new ideas and advances. Working on everything especially endurance, leg stretches and footwork. Wishing you all the best for Xmas and 2019…

Decided to dance 6 clips with some ideas, this is 3 of the clips and 1 didn’t come out. That is pretty good really, some days it is hard to get every shot right. Some of the moves I was inspired by my time at Urbanstrides dot com and some via my current learning of tap dance. I used some of my old 84 moves, and added some footwork to spice it up a bit. This was more of a test to mix some moves up, worked better than I thought, something to go home and practice for the next video AB 6. Didn’t get a lot of time to train as hard as I want as busy with work but, I decided to put it all in the pot and try a few things out. I hope to make it in April 2019 to the next 3 day Urban Strides event Hip Hop. With all this extra training I hope to benchmark better in my dancing efforts and see my new – old friends up there.

Alternative Power Supply 4 Tea Bot 259

Alternative power problem in a Robotic dance, Robotic Poplock uses his alternative power supply. Problem solved or is it?
The use of the ‘Alternative Power’ is used to give the video a bit of reality to the Robot and the video story board reflects this quite well, the theme is well implemented in this video.
You’ll find this is a great example of adding pops and locks to a robot dance.
Using popping moves and some old poplock moves to produce an alternative dance routine. Power fully restored.
And then the unthinkable happens.
Look on YouTube for a channel called Poplock Paul.

Alternative Power Supply

That is Alternative Power in Afterburn 3.
And then there is now a fourth video called ‘Afterburn 4 The Future’.
The idea was, what if Mad Max was to meet Super Mario we wonder and so we made that the main theme for this 4th YouTube video in the Afterburn series.
This was a special video with a shout out to Micky & Christina, Jason Sanger as Super Mario and Greg as well, Greg. And of course it stars Poplock Paul as Mad Max.
There is some dancing and what looks like punching, some really fast and a few rapid punching several times in between moves and beat.
‘The Future’ in our not so distant possible apocolyptical future, with a mix of Mad Max & Super Mario could be an interesting action film and video game mix.

Mad Max & Super Mario kicking off…

Two videos each with a bit of grapics and story boarded on films and a game, mixed with the latest dance moves and some martial art counter strikes, what more could you want I ask?

Techno Pop, Lock & Roll Dance Video

I gave a special shout out to the 4 SIKH members of all things advanced study group. During chats they gave me the idea of doing a Techno dance to Fishers ‘I’m losing it’ which is an awesome song to be honest. So to the nice people I have met on my recent dance life style and especially to the 4 SIKH Studiers a big shout out & thanks for the chats & ideas Here is that YouTube we spoke about.

Included in the small video section, starts with the first video clip in 2007 where I did a quick demo to show my dancing skills and that started me off on this now 12 year MA Dance journey. After that is a small group dance in a park, thanks to my fellow dancers Micky & Christina who I am glad to say enjoyed the idea of getting out and enjoying the dance sessions such as this one…

Please feel free to visit Dance sub site to read more…

I will be updating the Sub Site Dance which will contain some of my dance improvements & time with Urban Strides during the 24th to 26th November 2018 ‘Hip Hop Don’t Stop’ and progress towards going back in April 2019.

Tweet pages that I will be using to promote videos, websites & Stats.

I am planning a few new mini series including a 6 part ‘Stop & Go Poplocking Dance’ basics for everyone to practice and be ready for 2019 even though I will be using some videos from 6 years ago as a basis and comparison.  I hope to run this Afterburn Mini Series til Xmas 2018, I shall say bye for now and leave you with this videos and hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.