Fitness 2020 Update 18th July

For some time despite illnesses and distractions I have kept a fitness regime going, but now have updated the idea and gathered some new fitbit info & screen shots to show I have a fitness plan for 2020. Problem with creating these updates is by the time I have put the content out I have achieved a new level but, basically I am out to burn 28,000 Calories on a weekly basis. Basic ways I use to burn calories and build mean lean muscle is Dance, Weights, Roadwork sessions and Martial Arts like Boxing & Kickboxing as well as Ju Jitsu & grappling.

Having reached 800 reps & moved a total of 12,800 kg’s at the moment I want to cover this and other types of exercise. From weights to dancing, Martial Arts to Roadwork & anything that helps raise awareness & lower chance of problems such as Diabetes and other sorts of illnesses due to being over weight, etc. I believe that remaining out of shape can lead to Diabetes and Dementias as well as other dis-eases etc.

11th July 2020 was when I reached 800 reps when I have decided to cut back to 2 weight sessions a week, I have a set of other weights and can use those or do extra reps but for now going to let my body work at that level so I can work expanding my stamina and other areas such as MA, Dance and Roadwork be it walking, hikes and running. Building muscles & losing the fatty middle is important, having a bigger chest than waist apparently is a mark that you should have good health against diabetes and other such illness that may occur especially when one is overweight or indeed some what obese.

2 sets for today 28th June 2020

I did 123 minutes of training in Running & Weights, burning 847 calories which to me is a lazy day indeed. I try to burn a thousand calories a day in some sort of way to raise my weekly 20,000 average burn rate up to 28,000 calories a week. In theory I am at 27k burning 2lbs of calories a week, hopefully fat and judging by my loss of 2 inches from the waist is what I am after and an extra bit of muscles and strength, etc.

My lazy day with a couple of fat burning sessions.

Even when I am in lazy mode for a few days or a week I will still be losing calories and some of that waist and more importantly, putting on the extra lean muscle in the right areas is a great feeling and healthy too. I will leave that here but will be updating and the fitness 2020 site and looking at the other 3 days, I will make a fuller report on the benifits of training & how I stepped it up to a winning plan that works for me using my fitbit and some basic non costly ways and a basic good diet. A little every day every week soon shows. Bye for now and have fun getting motivated and fit. Freedom.