Dance Video 259 Update 131.2 Hours 2017

Latest update from Poplock on a quest to finding new moves and funky grooves, you can find the latest in this dance video.

My latest Web Video Dance Update 131.2 hour 2017 !!

Created on the 12th August 2017 this dance video is the current progress of Poplock Paul at this time.

Extra attention to creating pop & lock move combo’s which takes a bit of practice to get right on time and keep a certain style that we want to keep within the dance sets we make.

There are chest pop and arm lock combinations, angles and poses that are used to make up this dance video.

Also some Caprock, 2 and 3 step which you can see both Pirate’s doing beside Poplock Paul, when in 2 step per beat mode it does look like Uprock, in 3 step it is called Caprock and both come under we believe the Popping / Electric Rock label but what is in a name ?

Poplock Paul on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube !!

Poplock can be found at most events in and around Bognor Regis and is especially interested in the Rox which holds quite a few events throughout the year.

If not filming then dancing at every chance, sometimes with guest dancers and sometimes alone, from home to Hotham Park and other places.

Poplock considers his work to be Semi-Pro as dancing and teaching Basic Martial Arts ‘SD’ for Charity as a break from work for fun, fitness, charity and a chance to socialize with many people who are in the Bognor Regis Music & Dance circles.

If you want to do a mash up or add your music please feel free to ask and we shall see what we can do, life is always about change and variety is the spice of life.

When adding yourself to Facebook, etc, please leave a little message to introduce yourself and what you think would be a great idea and we will respond as soon as possible.

Have a great day, keep the dream alive, keep on dancing.