Project2020 July Update

July 2020 starts off with a nice session of dance and then some weights. Raising awareness for charity & causes as well as weights. whilst I was covering in May & June a project by Dj’s on the ‘LIVE STREAM ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK’ I was also doing other things like ‘Dance Fitbit Fitness’ and cracking some new shapes.

Poplock Shout Out To Dorota

A chance meeting with a friend, someone mentions dancing and then I am dancing on the beach with a lovelly bubbly Lady called Dorota. Now we have a new dance video 13N247 or ‘Shoutout 2 Dorota by Poplock Paul’ though you should find it via the link to the dance channel.

Dj Les Dickens answers this question, ‘Why do you believe Music is so important especially in these strange times?’

To find out the answer to that question you can read more at:

Poplock Paul asks Dj Les Dickens ‘Why do you believe Music is so important especially in these strange times?’
Bognor’s Music Scene.
Well, by now you probably realise I love my music and I mean I really do but what is music?
To some its the current chart, to others its a particular genre, music however, is a multitude of genres and performers and spreads out commercially well over 80 years. They key thing I think to remember about music is to embrace and love it.

Eventually the discussion ends with: I will always do what is asked of me and certainly now more than ever escapism and enjoyment through music, current right the way back to the start, through genres and artists is a powerful coping mechanism for a lot of people. Knowing I have made a difference and brought a smile is what makes this magical journey worth it to me. I am humbled at the opportunity to be able to do that. Right through Karaoke nights, weddings, Dj nights and more, the ability to affect someone’s state of mind with the music you play is an honour.

Poplock Paul on a rather different idea but rather than add some content here about ‘fitness – dance’ I have decided to create a new website for ‘FITNESS’ and post in more detail what I am doing and why for future reference. My workouts start from Dancing to Weights, Martial Arts to Walking & Hiking and the occassional Run. You can read more about that: