Dejay Ryan Hadwick M1

Whilst dashing from filming & dancing at the Aviator Venue to the Illumination Parade I spotted Dejay Ryan Hadwick, not that uncommon because Ryan attends and runs a lot of gigs & events.

Left, Shaun – Middle, Bubbly Rachal – Right, Ryan

It is always a pleasure to meet & I wish him all the best and hope to review and shout out as I am one of his many fans, chatting to him about random stuff and music is always interesting. There is so many things about Ryan I wish I could, maybe in later posts I can ?

Having met Ryan at many events such as Rox 2017 and many other events and venues. I rate Ryan as one of the best Dejays around, and recently as a customer at the Foundry I heard many customers praise his entertainment skills and from my experience over the years I have enjoyed dancing & drinking as Ryan knows how to look after everyone.

I believe I have known Ryan since early 2010 when I believe I was helping out at a Bognor Venue now closed but was a great place then, Dejay Ryan Hadwick would on occassion do a nights entertainment playing music and requests except ‘Barbie Doll’ though we can understand that.

As I was dashing from filming & dancing at the Aviator Venue to the Illumination Parade I spotted Ryan, Rachel & Shaun having a quiet drink. I was due to help the Parade with Securiy but managed to have a good quick chat and asked if I could take a photo which I never thought I’d actually use but here is that photo of that occassion, a great day indeed.

Dejay Shaun – Bubbly Rachal – Dejay Ryan

Despite the lock down you can find, like tonight – Foundry Friday LIVE tonight from facebook, 10-11pm on Live Stream Entertainment Network
You can find Dejay Ryan Hadwick & other great Dejays of which some I hope to review too, Like Les Dickens & Shaun Pearsey. I created this shout-out on Fri 8th May 2020.

I have been to many events as an organiser and helper and evan as an Entertainer or simply there as a Customer of some venue etc. I get time off for good behaviour from time to time.