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This is part of a series of 8 posts today about recent events & dances, I support the ‘LIVE STREAM ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK’ which starts about 8 posts down in May 2020 Update then with M1 Ryan, M2 Les & M3 Shaun and the posts are mine about video on M4 A new hope, M5 Picturedrome Dancer & M6 Awoken to create before finishing here on M7 about the Network I hope you take time to listen to because it is good music entertainment by all the talented Dejays. Enjoy.

Live Stream Entertainment Network

Protecting the NHS, keeping you at home whilst providing you with some great live entertainment is the overall goal of this group.

We will have live DJ and musician streams on at the weekend to start then branching out to midweek streams too, all in aid of our NHS, trying to raise money for those on the front-line in this current COVID-19 pandemic we find ourselves in.

Please invite all your friends to join our group, its all about the community.

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Shout out by Poplock to Dejay Ryan & the ‘Live Stream Entertainment Network’ which rocks.

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Shout out by Poplock to Dejay Les & the ‘Live Stream Entertainment Network’ which rocks.

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Shout out by Poplock to Dejay Les & the ‘Live Stream Entertainment Network’ which rocks.

I rate Ryan as one of the best Dejays around, and recently as a Doorman I hear many customers praise his entertainment skills. I have heard this for the best part of the last decade so I would like to Shout-out and give a top review for an amazing and entertaining Dejay Ryan Hadwick. Always a pleasure to meet & I wish him all the best and hope to review and shout out as I am one of his many fans, chatting to him about random stuff and music is always interesting. There is so many things about Ryan I wish I could, maybe in later posts I can ?
Some good info about Dejay Ryan Hadwick

How long have I known Dejay Les Dickens ?
I guess at least 8 or so years at the Hardwick venue where DJ Les does or did ‘Karaoke Tuesdays’ which is where I used to drop in to socially drink & dance. I may from going to Gosport via the Ferry from Portsmouth Dockyard to do some Security shifts know Les as far back as 2007 as I worked in the ‘Waterfront’ venue.

Shaun Pearcey made every customer happy & welcome.
As a Doorman back then I remember the customers being excited when Dejay Shaun was on, I can recall Shaun was always honest and just said what was on his mind. Even when we went out for a couple of drinks, his honesty and straight forward views made one relax and there was no beating around the bush but Dejay Shaun was a fun guy and up for many things including joining us on the back of a lorry for parades like the local Gala in 2016…

Bognor Gala 2014 DJ Shaun Pearcey With Poplock V4H