A New Hope – V232 M4

Xmas 2019 with New Dance Music in a Rehearsal Video Shoot in v232 filming session in Hotham Park, Bognor Regis for Xmas 2019.

I’m using YouTube Royalty Free music. First rehearsal and hope to add more festive music and items to future videos. Not sure who added the xmas tinsil and card around the tree but not going to check, maybe some kid thinks Santa Claus lives up the tree !!

I used Popping, Locking & Rocking from mostly what I learned way back in 1984 & also via Urban Strides in High Wycombe, which I have a attended a few times in 3 day camps and a 5 day summer Camp since in 2018 & 2019. Wishing all of you a festive season indeed and hoping to see my dancing friends again soon.

As Bognor Dancer I am waiting for other members to hoof their way through one of our end of 2019 videos as a practice moves to make a great Xmas and New Year video. Apart from a few warm up in the few days before doing this video I filmed this and just went with the music with a few basic styles, something to work on in the last days of 2019 as I seek to create a handful of videos towards entering 2020 with peak dance skills, etc.

In this video I filmed and just went with the music with a few basic styles, a bit of uprock in a mix of two & three steps. A bit of popping & a locked pose before Street Tap. All right beside my friend the Mad Hatter, they try to stamp out Xmas and yet they fail.

A bit of arm locking & pointing, a bit of Robot-Popping or Bottin whilst some dog passes by looking for his bone. A couple of pictures from 2007 when I started this Web Dance Project & later 2008 when I started in Littlehampton as well as Bognor Regis Events & Parades. I think I am being followed, filmed in Hotham Park in Bognor Regis.

It takes greater effort to film in a park with all the distractions than in ones own room. This is one way a person can get extra practise between dancing solo with no distraction or pressure and then in a park one dances differently and is concious of watching eyes but, one gets used to that and pushes through and is a step closer to dancing under more pressure and scrutiny from people who may not know or appreciate the dance you are performing. Even better when there is no sound except in my head phones. So have fun, thanks for reading and best regards for now.

Pat Point Hip Hop Dance V207

This was one of several clips taken a few minutes apart as I did my practice in between to see if it works doing most or all videos in one day. As you can see I had to do a little starting combo moves to get clip in time with music and video as I usually overlay the soundtrack over the video if the sound is compromised by wind or other noise or drowns out actually music from camera. In the middle I used Points, Dimestops & some Liquid Waves. One thing is that with this Pat & Point Honeybar Mini Series each clip gets better with time and practice. That is the fun of Hip Hop Dancing.

Pat Point V206

In this second ‘Pat Point Hip Hop Dance’ being 2 of 5 in a ‘Mini Series Honeybar V206’ I was able to better my moves over the 1st attempt. Pat & Point for feet and hands, 2 different styles in their own right but I have fused them together to see how I progress with this dance experiment. From the first to this second video I seem to have made this routine or style more fluent, it will be interesting to see how I progress. I will be creating pages and my plan is to add this to my Poplockwiki dot com website with more details how and why I created this little mini series I call ‘Honeybar’ which is the name of the music piece I used in this video.

Pat Point V205

This Pat Point Hip Hop Dance choreography is 1 Of 5 in a Mini Series Honeybar, and is known to many as V205. This is an intro video Using Pat (tern) footwork and a bit of Vepoint as I work with the 2 styles in week 10 of this years training. I may throw a few other styles in to the mix and see what happens. Today I’ll be reviewing the other footage again and uploading those when I can, at the end of the day I want to complete a ‘Shout-out’ video for a friend I know ‘Tesla MC’ who is a talented rapper. I will also be creating an end of week 10 video for my next ‘MA-Dance’ mini series which I will also be working on over the next few days. Please enjoy.

Basic & Advanced Hip Hop Dance Vepoint Style

Based on Old Style Locking Action which we used in Portsmouth in the 84 to 86 Breakdance & Bodypopping age or era, we created these 2 short dance videos to share so new and old dancers can learn an easy but funky basic and advanced way to share the fun with. This is one of several routines we will be releasing over the next few weeks, anyone can take from these two short videos.

Basic Hip Hop Dance Vepoint

As usual the video was shot in the location of Hotham Park in Bognor Regis, West Sussex, UK. I was also inspired by Gingers Waacking having attended a 3 day course event last October where Ginger was 1 of 9 teachers that taught us, Ginger was awesome. The course was a 3 day camp called ‘Hip Hop Dont Stop’ by Urban Strides, to which I am going to again this coming April, all being well.

Advanced Hip Hop Dance Vepoint Tutorial

Advanced Hip Hop Dance Vepoint Tutorial, for reference in 2019. Adding in more footwork, hand moves and the Fresno. Fresno popping & Vepoint locking. This could constitute a Poplock style, although you could say it is 33.3% Locking, 33.3% Popping and 33.3% Poplock !!

Eye Of The Tiger Dance Below

Starting with some videos of my bag punching and chaining of Boxing & Martial Art counter techniques. Some old and new dance moves, and a few short routines.
A video clip I used was shot in 2010 and thanks to my training & dancing friends. ‘Eye of the Tiger’ also included. Shot in location Hotham Park in BR, Bognor Regis, West Sussex in the UK.