Awaken to Create – v234 M6

The Awakening Experimental Video Xmas 2019 v234 was created and produced to try out a left scrolling back screen. I was hoping to add in a couple of other green screen effects but I’ll leave that for later.

Awaken To Create – v234 M6

I used the YouTube Royalty Free track ‘The Awakening’ in this with an old rap I made years ago. I shot the 2 videos with a graffiti background with the word CREATE I believe was created by a group called ‘CREATE’ near ‘Hotham Park’ in the under ground tunnel. Not entirely happy with this video but it is the first time I believe I have used this format, I might try a anime background with sprites next time. I hope you like the 2 tracks and different ideas.

What will you create today and tomorrow ?

I know I will be creating more ideas & shapes in the future, my past is my credentials as a suvivor & achiever as I have had to work through many problems that we encounter in life. Some people moan but I see it as an adventure and nothing worth gaining comes without pain, a price in life is via pain & suffering to achieve certain things in life I guess.

I am here to entertain you, help you entertain in any way I can and the fact that I can blog & film is just awesome. Are you not enterained ?

Currently at the moment I am creating content for project2020 and concentrating on ‘LIVE STREAM ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK’ and I have written for 3 of the Dejays Ryan, Les & Shaun.

I use that link as a click through on PHP websites, it seems to only act as a link on this blog which is a pity because I was hoping to put it in the sidebars as a widget, anyway that link will lead you to the ‘LIVE STREAM’ website but also through the next site ‘PROJECT2020’ you can find out more about the 2 Dejays Ryan, Les & Shaun.

I will be creating more ideas & shapes in the future, in the dance and in the videos & websites. So join me as I dance my way through life, maybe you can see the plan ahead and what we need to do to achieve again & again. So thanks for reading and hope you stay with us because the fun has only just begun, until we meet or until the next post stay safe & best regards !!

Picturedrome Dancer 233 M5

I might try this ‘CHALLENGE’ again !! Picturedrome v233 Dance Challenge Xmas 2019 – Challenge is can anyone send in viocemail, picture or video for any of these videos for Xmas 2019 to New Years Eve. This challenge will end New Years day. I will create a few more of these types of videos with your voicemail greeting, any pics or videos I can add. I can grab video footage of most online videos from my browser and save. * I can arrange a joint video project if anyone is interested and feeling like taking a shot at dancing.

Picturedrome Dancer V233

A few of my videos such as the Aviator video contains other artists videos and I have where applicable given credit and help in promoting their work in my ‘Web Video Project’ by Artists in their Videos & Websites etc. Say hello to my friend fans and let them see this and many more videos done and plenty planned ahead in time. I have done this now for 14 years, 2007 till 2020, I will carry on because the ‘Show Must Go On’ it is said.

I am working on a new series of videos, and will include YouTube Royalty Free Music and some dancers who want to be on one of my future videos. I am quite open to anyone who wants to be in a video or two but will need to follow an easy step by step format assessing their start level and showing progress. I no longer will accept those that can’t be bothered to train & practise, from now I will insist upon a short progressive interactive dance choreography and incremental routines. It is not that hard. The first part is based around walking or dance steps and is so simple & easy to pick up.

Bognor Dancer in front of Picuredrome, Park & Pier. I dance any where as dancing publically is a challenge, but helps grow confidence and pressure tests new routines and combo moves. Even early in the morning there will be people walking and driving to work, these shots were taken before the Covid19 HoloCough Plandemic. Looking forward where we can film outdoors again and create some new videos but till then I will be green screening a few videos and see how that goes. Catch up again & Best Regards for now…