17 May 2020 Update

It has been awhile since I have written, but as we are in lockdown I am going to write a few blog posts about the Dejays I am mentioning in my web site Project2020 !!

My friends new website about Hip Hop

I will also write about a few of my YouTube videos and each post after this I will add in the title M1 to M9 if I get that far. I probably should do that then write this page last knowing how far I get. I’m thinking possibly M6 and I shall add END after the Title so you & I know how far I got to in one go.

In following and writing about the Dejays I have learned that they have a FaceBook page called ‘LIVE STREAM ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK!!’

Click to access for further updates, shout-outs and mentions about local entertaining Artists from the homepage of Project2020. You will find Shout out by Poplock to Dejays Ryan Hadwick, Les Dickens & Shaun Pearcey of the ‘Live Stream Entertainment Network’ which rocks.

You will find other posts such as, Radio Respect – Updates include; Jeanette Campbell-Murray with music from film and theatre 05 OCT 2019 on ‘RADIO RESPECT’.

Also you will find is info about British Self Defence – Paul is in the process of opening a ‘Self Defence Community’ such as ‘Ladies Self Protection’ and ‘Night-workers Advanced Self Defence’ as well as raise awareness and charity !!

You can find a post too about Actor Gary Broughton has been filmed on Eastenders and as a survivor of Cancer has raised money for UK Cancer Research and even danced with local dancers with Poplock Paul and starred in a video or two but that is another story !!

I should also mention Sasha Alexandra – A review and indeed a link to a FaceBook page for you Ladies which is taking Bognor Regis by storm, please click and read as I am sure you will find it of interest..

Apparently, this Project2020 Website was Created on Monday 4th May 2020 by Poplock Paul so I guess the bubble wrap is still wrapped around it. There are a few updates every week so it will be interesting to see further updates in the future. I will say stay safe, and best regards til next post !!