Poplock Lushers Poem Jan 2017 Update

I decided to start with a poem I always wanted to finish, it may well serve as part of my reason for reaching out this year in search of adventure…

To date, the short-ish version is thus…

In Lush did Poplock build a moment state,

Laying bare the dance soul a risky fate,

Encompassing any where an area of open ground,

Moving and throwing shapes to musical sound,

In this house of pleasure movable place to place,

sharing a muse dream form for mortal grace…

Summary, and so I present my recent poem which for years has been loosely bouncing around my skull and now in the 11th year of the web dance project I present to you as a reference and what I am trying to achieve. In fact one could argue that this is as much a basis for my life style as well as my objective. I am living the dream.

Keep the dream alive, keep on dancing…

Popping and locking every day…

If I brighten up one persons day then the whole way has been worth while, interacting with other dancers of all types with a common goal of entertaining others is part of it but, to get in to the soul of dance and funky moves for personal experience, helping others reach the moment of bliss is surely a noble good act ?

I believe it is, I feel change is going to happen in 2017 and 2018 but this is what has kept me going through time. 1984 learning street dance styles on the streets of Portsmouth and now I’m here these last 10 summers 2007 till 2016 have been a learning curve, shaping me up for this time.

Although I will be moving forward as before I will be looking at adding and modifying my skills to presenting what I do with more boom or effect.

Looking forward to dancing with you all soon !!

Live life