We Will Rock The World !!

Train in Hotham Park of Bognor Regis

Rock 2012 to 2018
We will rock the World 6 years on…

28 things I’ll be chasing this last term of 2018, as part of my MA Dance, from now 13th October to 2nd December 2018.
I will be covering some ‘macho’ dances like ‘Uprock’ & ‘C-walk’ which I put into my ‘Caprock’ style which will be my primary objective.
My secondary objective will be the MA ‘Unfolding’ as well as Lunging & Sidestepping, I’ll be adapting some poses or freezes from 1984 over this end term. We will rock the World !!

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Uprock, a style used in Street Dancing that was used to simulate a fight between 2 people or groups. It is non contact and the best person to win is usually better moves performed very stylish.

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We will rock the World 6 years on, the reason is because I want to show case some old dances we incorporated into our style and let everyone know that men can dance too, there is no reason that any one should not dance and any excuse or threat should not be tolerated.

At 55 years of age I intend to put my Martial Art prowess into my dance style, and soon on 6th October 2018 I shall step into the ring to prove I can still hold my ground against the best in the country and the World if need be. I am not finished yet and a long way off from the funny farm, so I will be rocking the World hard on different levels.

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