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2021 Endgame & Reboot 2022

I have created this page as a checklist.
With the end of 2021 coming I aim to create a few posts & couple of videos.
There should be some mentions & shout-outs.
There will be some stats & results from some of our work:
Project Vegan, Fitma & Bognorwood are such projects in progress.
There are many people that I would love to do a mention or shout-out, I might use a blog to send 50+ mentions, maybe a list to follow up next year.
In a way many people have been part of my way, this may be a chance to share it, been awhile since I have been to an event partly because of lock downs but also my work is very demanding time wise.
Might be a good time to mention how we did the MA Dance, Martial Art Fitness for entertainment, both Martial Art & Dancing has roots in yoga.
We do aim to be back in 2022 with a reboot & new ideas, some times in life we get a chance to do things differently, it can be rather boring doing the same thing so I try to add or modify ideas.
For now this web site Bognor259-dot-com will be the front for all my entertainment work, most redundent web blog sites I will be phasing out, that way I can modify and work in a progressive way.
We will be using our CLIX counters to see what we post is like or not, we will be doing promotions and in fact we will be stepping that up, there is a page with some counters on
In the past I have helped web developers & entertainers with my website & stuff, whilst I am reducing web blog sites I will be keeping enough & can always expand depending up on current needs.
This covers most of the areas I will be covering in follow up posts, such as how we are going to aim in 2022 for visitors, this year 360k and next we aim to get 600k, 900k & even over a million visitors.
I will be keeping 3 main sites and some sub sites, a few years ago I reached over 900k visitors with only 5 web sites, I will be focusing on other things so hopefully shall share that soon.

About our video '1 Oscar 252'
Shout Out To OG Winston & Mikeyman1983 - 1oscar252 - a long over due video.
OG Winston has a YouTube channel 'Poppin Dr. Shock'
I am hoping to add him in the future and maybe blog as he is a great popper dancer.
Mikeyman1983 can be found doing tik-to-k videos.
I hope to inspire other dancers like Mikeyman1983 to take up dancing, poppin & lockin and provide entertainment for those who are interested to watch.

OG Winston, Mikeyman1983 & I, Poplock Paul in Video 1oscar252
OG Winston & Mikeyman1983 in video 1oscar252

Above will be our 2021 dance videos (Oscar series 2021)
Down will be 2020 videos we think are relevant (N series 2020)

Link reset to show stats from 23.30 on 01.01.2022 for Project2022
Check anytime to see how many visitors we get to our websites!
Project2021 saw us attract 465,261 visits as seen in screenshot below.
* Feel free to check how many visited us in 2022 *
How many visitors will we attract in Project2022 we wonder?
Check via link below to see our current 2022 visits...
In 2021 we attracted 465,261 visitors !!

In 2022 we are aiming to reach over a million.
Bumpy start to 2022 but we are updating web pages often.
Posts, videos & pictures about entertainment, music & dance, etc.

Hip hop MA Dancing routines...
Please feel free to check out latest YT video updates.
Latest updates & hip hop choreo by Poplock Paul...