30th August Bognor259 Update
Squirrel finds food and a perch to sit on.

Found this squirrel sitting on its perch & eating, I used a 19x lens which is why I seem to be close & the squirrel is not bothered. I like the casual way these squirrel’s act, pretty much alpha level and I believe in this ‘Hotham Park’ area they pretty much lure the dogs into chasing them up tree where they taunt dogs.

Website Description Aug 2022

Bognor259 has much Music, Dance & Martial Arts. There is Entertainment from places, venues to activities in Bognor Regis. There are many attractions from the pier to other venues such TAO & Hardwick. The Houthampton is another great venue which has many bands & is the home of the Rox. Hotham Park is also a great place with many trees, events and animals such as squirrels & birds etc. Feel free to visit https://b259.uk/