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Posted by Poplock Paul for the 259 group, about Bognor259 website, some ideas and changes I am going to make. Where are we going in 2022, animal pages, places in Bognor, maybe even post some dance videos.

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Once a project that after about 1 month with 11 posts attracted over 12,000 visitors, after 3 months & 21 pages the web site attracted more than 65,000 visitors. I added to that project another 10 posts over the 2nd month and forgot about it for a few months and when I checked the site counters it had indeed clocked over 65,000 visitors. At this point I have laid a dozen pages in the last 2 weeks and waiting for it to catch. I aim to add a tracker to those Jan2022project pages which is part of the Project 2022 effort. I may run more like that this year, maybe I will add upto 50 pages and see what happens, I have some theories and expected results so will update as this project continues.

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Bognor 259 ideas 25 Jan 22.
So Bogner 259 has been a website for many years over a decade now. And originally I had a a site. The bug that was the beside that overtook that one. I sort of estimate about so much after 2007 I don't know the exact date. Maybe I should go and find out. But also like the Bogner 259 is the name. It's part of the 259 route through sort of covered the area between everything now Bogner, Chichester, Littlehampton, and Arundel. So there's four cities are on that road that I know of. So it's all the area. Arundel, Aaron. So the A 259 wasn't really about Boger itself, but seeing as most of the events such as Lori's rocks, the green parade in Hawthorne Park, and some other events are probably still on my timeline hopefully became part of my Bogner 259 project. So it's sort of changing and whilst I'm going to stick in with the music and dance, the fact that there's no socialism at the moment, or that I can see the sort of social life we had was I'm going to keep it and probably cover some of boggers finest points and areas. How I'm going to do that, not entirely sure, but I've got plenty of cameras, so I'll be taking some pictures or taking pictures of animals in some of the parks like often Park and West West Marine Park, I think lets me park the ball really have a flower garden? I don't think it has many animals that you can record or that you can capture, say often because sometimes I go from Holland Park and I go for the beach route. So maybe I should cover some of the beach as well. So over the time, and over the years, those who didn't get to see some things. So yeah, there's other areas of Bagram on my cover. So bognor 259, maybe I'll do some videos of different areas. You know, I don't do as much drones anymore as I used to. So that'd be quite interesting. Get your drones out. But I think a friend of mine had a drone, which he was able to put near the sea from, how his doesn't get flown away by the wind. I think mine's not quite that robust. But I do have a night camera now. So it might be interested in how some of the scenery of Bogner we come out with a night vision camera. So you know, even though I probably will have some days off in the future. So might be doing a few day videos, which I've done for a while. Like I say the next two, three months, we're still going to be we're going to be entering longer days. So that should be interesting. So maybe I'll still cover music or Bogner, but I'm getting to the point why bother? I've got a B 259 site that's linked from bogner 259. So you know, wondering if should get rid of the B 259 site in a year. Then make Bogner 259 dot com website began, the other B 259 was to get away from the Bogner area and do my own thing you know, I'm not sure about that project. Considering we've had lockdown for over two years and who knows when the sort of Bogner social groups will start again. Anyway, I'll leave it there for now.
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25 Jan 22 Update.
So Bogner 259 dot com or support website to the website. And the moment I'm treating the B 259 is my main site, which will include several projects like the Bogner wood project, where we'll be doing some films, almost in a movie tie way. So this is where I've got a problem telling the YouTube where I'm videoing. Near the end, I was getting a little bit. Well, there wasn't much more Fred near the end, and there's not much of a storyboard. So where am I going with the dancing, martial arts, and all the rest of it, I'd love to group all together and do maybe parodies. And I've done a few over the time incorporating some of my friends. But I think it's one of the things it's for some people who want to dance, they're not that serious about it, I found that I found that martial arts was more durable. But again, anybody that takes on martial arts doesn't want to be on the film, you can understand that, in most cases, and especially a person in the beginning. So I am going to look at stunt stunt men for movies and see if it's worth working that way. Get the old contract. Become a stunt man. Who knows? Maybe there's some money in that. Maybe that'd be part of a way. You know, we've done competitions, and we've played the game with a couple of associations, one that totally ignores us, of only do give me a good insurance and how good insurance and licence. So that's good. But trying to get some advice out of me know, my next step seems to be you know, I don't think they're serious about the project. And we're probably off the farm. So maybe I'll let that go later on and see about going on to AMA, amateur martial arts don't really want to because I went to certain people thinking that we're gonna get some backup. But I'm not feeling it to be able to do it on my own. I don't do at all. So it's like, what's the point of going to them? If I get cheaper insurance, that amaze will do that and save our money, you know? And again, they are too far away from take part in their courses or be seen or maybe they just think you know what, we'll just take the money. And that's it. Maybe there's too many people joining up. So be 259 is more about teamwork. And that's what's trying to get some group of people together to do some dancing, some martial arts, but not at a normal club as you'd find. But I think that scares a few people that they may have to sort of work above and beyond it as a sort of normal ways of doing things, you know, but I don't think the days of going into Hall getting your bill out going away is the same as in the 80s. I mean, we've just had locked down and taken recently, I had a chance to be in the ring once or twice a year and that was quite good actually. But no did that sociation fold up? There was yeah, it was the lockdowns have to find before that. So I'm thinking if I'm going to do anything, it'll have to be in the fitness area. And maybe filming because we do film our own stuff. So maybe I'll do some fieldwork and acting and maybe we'll do some of the martial arts you know, there are people that become very famous for their filming. And whilst I've probably got a lot to learn, it will be interesting. So that's a food before isn't a kitchen. Pop look, the actor, actor pop look. Right, I'll leave you there cuz I have to. And I'll catch you all later. Bye for now.
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